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Brand new SandollCloud! Free templates that everyone can use!​

Sold out

One Day of Cat Lover

6families 6fonts

Sales proceeds KRW 4,900

  • OTF / TTF

    Sandoll Odongtong

    Basic Starting from KRW 6,900/month

  • OTF / TTF

    Sandoll Mokdan


  • OTF

    Irma Text Round Std

    Black Starting from KRW 4,000/month

  • OTF / TTF


    Bold Starting from KRW 4,900/month

  • OTF / TTF


    99g Starting from KRW 5,500/month

  • OTF / TTF

    Dain Thinking

    Bold Starting from KRW 4,900/month

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Cautions when purchasing the product

  • One Day of Cat Lover Valid period for purchase : 2022.04.28. - 2022.06.30.
  • Validity period: Can be used for 30days from the date of purchase.
  • Sandoll Cloud Select# products cannot be purchased after sale period.
  • Validity starts counting once you make a purchase.
  • You can check the remaining usage period from My Purchase Log and Manage Subscription.
  • Once the validity expires, the product is deleted automatically from CloudBridge.
  • Above product can use all licenses except for embedding.
  • Works produced within 30 days from the date of purchase can be used even after the product usage period expires.
  • The supported file formats (OTF, TTF) may differ for each font.
  • When using a font in a mobile environment, it is applicable only to some apps that are compatible with the SandollCloud App.