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Cardinal Classic Short


Synthetic organisms look human, yet are made of artificial materials. Cardinal is the equivalent of the androïd characters called “synthetics”, which were developed in the movie series Alien. Synthetics entertain a close relationship with the living world, and have a troubling resemblance with the models they imitate — humans. Androïds do not emit heat, smell or pheromones, and their synthetic origin is thus hard to detect. Cardinal is an exploration of that idea in type design. It navigates between the organicity of classic text typefaces and the plasticity of contemporary digital type. It has some traits of designs by Garamont and Granjon, but bears its own dryness and rigidity. Reminiscent of an era of “old digital typefaces”, Cardinal evokes the early computing days. Synthetics do not die, they are just sometimes deactivated.

The Cardinal system is developed in three distinct directions. First, the core styles are Cardinal Classic Short, Mid and Long, which have three x-heights that can be adjusted depending on body copy point size and line length. We recommend using Cardinal Classic Long for titles and subheads or brief paragraphs of text. Cardinal Classic Mid fits standard body text sizes, and Cardinal Classic Short works well at small sizes. Second, Cardinal Fruit is a very specific flavour of condensed, recalling early computer advertisements. Its Italics are particularly sharp and will convey a sense of liveliness and accuracy. Last, Cardinal Photo has much more stroke contrast, a tight-but-not-touching spacing and a rather big x-height, making it a good companion to photographs when set at display sizes.

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  • 이지러는 졌으나 보름을 갓 지난 달은 부드러운 빛을 흔붓이 흘리고 있다.대화까지는 팔십 리의 밤길, 고개를 둘이나 넘고 개울을 하나 건너고 벌판과 산길을 걸어야 된다.길은 지금 긴 산허리에 걸려 있다. 밤중을 지난 무렵인지 죽은 듯이 고요한 속에서 짐승 같은 달의 숨소리가 손에 잡힐 듯이 들리며, 콩 포기와 옥수수 잎새가 한층 달에 푸르게 젖었다. 산허리는 온통 메밀 밭이어서 피기 시작한 꽃이 소금을 뿌린 듯이 흐뭇한 달빛에 숨이 막힐 지경이다. 붉은 대공이 향기같이 애잔하고 나귀들의 걸음도 시원하다. 길이 좁은 까닭에 세 사람은 나귀를 타고 외줄로 늘어섰다. 방울소리가 시원스럽게 딸랑딸랑 메밀 밭께로 흘러간다. 앞장선 허 생원의 이야기 소리는 꽁무니에 선 동이에게는 확적히는 안 들렸으나, 그는 그대로 개운한 제멋에 적적하지는 않았다.
Cardinal Classic Short font in use
Cardinal Classic Short font in use

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    Cardinal Classic Short

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